Best No-Interest Credit Card Promos

The good news is out. There are credit cards that stay interest-free for an extended period! That may sound like Santa Claus’ handiwork for grownups, but it’s no urban legend. No-interest credit cards exist, and they could be helping you save real money. Most of us are paying monthly interest fees on our credit cards, so why don't we all drop our current plastic and jump on the 0% APR bandwagon?

No-interest cards are amazingly useful for avoiding substantial interest on larger purchases, like a car, which you’ll be paying off for some time. Still, that 0% APR is an introductory offer and it will expire. The real question is which of these options have the most competitive features and the longest interest-free introductory periods? We’ve compiled this handy list to help you choose the best option for you.

Chase Slate® - The Chase Slate® doesn't have to be an additional card. There are real advantages to moving the balance of an existing account over to this one, as there’s no fee for balance transfers made within the first 60 days! Complete the transfer within that time, and it won't cost you a dime. Not a bad way to get a large balance with substantial interest off your back for a while. This interest-free bonanza will last for 15 months at 0% APR. What’s more, there's no annual fee, and you can get your monthly FICO score free. You will need a credit score that's around 670 or above to get your hands on this piece of plastic, though.

The Big Question - What kind of APR are we talking about after the 15-month introductory period ends? 15.99%–24.74% variable APR. Not great, but not bad, either.

Citi Diamond Preferred® - The first of our triple whammy from Citi; the Diamond Preferred Card doesn't have a balance transfer deal that matches the Chase Slate® (there'll be a 3% fee if you want to transfer a balance.) However, with a 0% APR introductory period of a jaw-dropping 21 months, who can complain? That's a spectacular deal! There's also no annual fee, and you also get your free FICO score each month. Before you run to a phone, you should hold your horses. You need to remember that only those with excellent credit qualify for this card.

The Big Question – What’s the APR after the promo ends? Pretty reasonable: a variable APR of 14.24% to 24.24%.

Citi Double Cash® - The second item on our Citi triple, the Citi Double Cash® Card has no annual fee and a generous offer of 0% APR on balance transfers within the first 18 months. It does carry the same 3% fee on balance transfers as the Diamond Preferred, but unlike that one, your credit doesn't have to be "excellent." You’ll be eligible with a score of 670 or more. This card also has an attractive cash back feature that makes it perfect for big purchases that will take a while to pay off, like a car. When you make a purchase, you get an instant 1% back, but you also get an additional 1% back when you pay the card bill. Altogether, this means you're getting 2% cash back on every purchase. You'll even get a free monthly FICO score!

The Big Question - So what's the hit after the introductory offer is up? 14.74% to 24.74% variable APR.

Citi Simplicity® - Last in our Citi triple is the Citi Simplicity® Card. It has the same 3% fee on balance transfers, but it also sports zero annual fees, no late fees, and no penalty interest rates on late payments. Not bad, and it's got that same astonishingly long introductory period: 21 months of 0 APR for purchases and balance transfers! It’s an excellent deal, but there's a slight catch, like many other great card offers you need excellent credit to qualify, which may put this card out of reach for many folks.

The Big Question - When those 21 months are up you're looking at a variable APR of 15.24% to 25.24%. Once again, good credit means better rates, but you have to get the good credit rating first.

So there you have it, a list of cards with no interest rates for 2019! Whether you're looking to save some cash by transferring a large balance or planning to save cash back on a big-ticket item, there's most likely something here for you. Look at each one, weigh its pros and cons, and find out which is best for you.

Happy hunting.

See them here:

Chase Slate®

Citi Diamond Preferred®

Citi Double Cash®

Citi Simplicity®

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